We are often asked to help facilitate insurance company approval to "allow" the insured to add, change or delete a particular driver or to confirm that a driver, if hired, will be "covered".  Please understand that neither NPM nor any insurance company providing coverage can or will be responsible for any employment decision made by the insured.  This includes any decision of an insured relative to their decision to hire an employee (or contract) driver.


Agents and insureds are strongly encouraged to clearly understand their insurer's criteria used to determine driver acceptability.  The insured is responsible for following that criteria when binding coverage with that carrier.  Insurance carriers will generally not make "exception" decisions to their criteria or otherwise even address driver hiring situations that arise during the policy term


Drivers that do not meet their insurer's acceptable driver criteria and which are subsequently hired by the insured may cause coverage to be cancelled, non-renewed, generate a significant rate increase or result in the exclusion of that driver at renewal (or when discovered).


Your NPM representative will be happy to provide you with a copy of the acceptable driver guidelines used by any insurers offering or providing coverage.  Please direct your insured to the acceptable driver criteria for their insurer and explain that neither NPM nor its insurance company partners are able to provide any hiring decision direction or advice relative to a particular driver who does not meet their criteria.



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